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Digital Marketing Redefined

Elevate Your Business with
Ascend Adwerks

Expert Digital Marketing Solutions for Restaurants, Retail, and Hospitality

Key Digital Advantages:

  • Targeted SEO: Enhancing your online visibility to attract more customers.
  • Dynamic Web Design: Crafting engaging user experiences that turn visitors into loyal patrons.
  • Effective Social Media Management: Building and engaging your audience where it matters most.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Utilizing AI to make smarter marketing decisions and drive growth.
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Elevate Your Law Firm with Ascend Adwerks

Targeted Services for Every Digital Challenge

Ascend Adwerks specializes in delivering comprehensive digital marketing solutions, uniquely crafted for the legal industry. Our services are designed to address the specific challenges faced by law firms today, from enhancing online presence to streamlining operations. Discover how each of our services can transform your firm’s digital journey and help you stand out in an increasingly competitive landscape.


Ascend Adwerks'
Elevate Your Firm's Digital Presence
Overcome market saturation and brand invisibility with our innovative digital marketing strategies designed for law firms. Drive growth and distinction in a competitive legal landscape.
Ascend Adwerks' Ascend Web logo representing specialized Web Design solutions.
Revolutionize Your Online Image
Address poor user experience and outdated designs with our specialized web solutions. Create a compelling, high-traffic website that resonates with your legal clientele.
Ascend Adwerks'
Optimize Conversion & Sales Efficiency
Tackle low conversion rates and streamline your sales processes. Our sales enablement strategies are designed to enhance your firm's client acquisition and retention.
The Ascend Adwerks' ASCEND CX logo represents Customer Experience services and solutions.
Enhance Client Satisfaction & Retention
Improve customer service quality and feedback mechanisms with our CX solutions. Ensure your clients have exceptional interactions at every touchpoint.
The Ascend Adwerks' ASCEND REvOps logo represent Revenue Operations services and solutions.
Align Operations with Strategic Goals
Solve operational inefficiencies and align strategies with our RevOps solutions. Drive sustainable growth and operational excellence in your law firm.
Ascend HubSpot logo, indicating specialized HubSpot solutions for CRM, inbound marketing, and customer service.
Seamless Integration with HubSpot
Navigate complex software integration and optimize your CRM with our specialized HubSpot solutions. Make CRM the heart of your scaling law firm.

Revolutionizing Law Firm Marketing

3E Advancement Model: Elevate, Engage, Excel

Tailoring Success in the Legal Digital Arena

Introducing our 3E Advancement Model – a strategic framework designed to revolutionize digital marketing for law firms. At Ascend Adwerks, this model forms the backbone of our approach, focusing on three critical areas: Elevate, Engage, and Excel. We ensure that every aspect of your digital presence is meticulously crafted to stand out, resonate with your audience, and achieve unparalleled success.

A businessman holding a tablet with an 'online presence' represents Elevate in Ascend Adwerks' 3E Advancement Model.

Elevate: Your Online Presence

We elevate your law firm’s visibility with targeted SEO and innovative web design, setting a strong foundation for digital excellence.

Engage: Your Target Audience

Our engaging content strategies and social media initiatives connect your firm with the right audience, building lasting relationships.

A team is holding up symbols of social media success: likes, shares, comments, and followers represent Engage in Ascend Adwerks' 3E Advancement Model.
Ascend Adwerks' team of people sitting around a table with papers represents Data in Ascend Adwerks' 3E Advancement Model.

Excel: In Competitive Markets

Excellence is our endgame. With data-driven insights and agile methodologies, we drive your firm to excel and lead in the competitive legal market.


Success Stories: Imagined Possibilities

What Law Firms Could Achieve with Ascend Adwerks

Discover the potential success your law firm can achieve with Ascend Adwerks. Our approach to digital marketing is tailored to unlock new opportunities and drive significant results.


"Since partnering with Ascend Adwerks, our firm's online engagement has skyrocketed. The targeted SEO approach was a game-changer!"

John D.

"Ascend’s revamp of our website led to a significant increase in client inquiries. Their understanding of law firm needs is unparalleled."

Emily S.

"The 3E Advancement Model brought clarity and focus to our marketing efforts, resulting in higher client retention rates."

Michael R.

Ascend Adwerks' innovative social media strategies transformed our firm's online presence, attracting a wider, more engaged audience."

Saral L.

"The data-driven insights provided by Ascend have been crucial in reshaping our marketing campaigns, yielding much higher ROI than ever before."

David K.

Meet Our Leaders

Leadership at the Helm of Innovation

Meet the Visionaries Behind Ascend Adwerks

Ascend Adwerks is powered by a team of dedicated professionals, each bringing unique skills and perspectives. At the forefront are Greg Bentler, our Founder and Chief Strategist, and Rachel Carlson, our Social Media Director. Their combined expertise in strategic planning and social media innovation shapes our approach to digital marketing for law firms.

Greg Bentler | Founder + Chief Strategist | Ascend Adwerks

Founder and Chief Strategist

Greg Bentler

Greg brings a visionary approach and a deep understanding of the digital landscape, crafting bespoke strategies that deliver impactful results for law firms.

Rachel Carlson Profile Picture, CFO and social media specialist for Ascend Adwerks.

Social Media Director

Rachel Carlson
Social Media Director
Rachel leads our social media efforts with creativity and insight, driving engagement and building strong online communities for our law firm clients.

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Your Partner in Digital Marketing Excellence

Ready to take your law firm's digital marketing to the next level? Contact Ascend Adwerks today. We offer specialized solutions tailored to the unique needs of the legal industry. Our team is here to answer your questions and discuss how we can help elevate your firm's online presence.

Why Contact Us?

  • Expertise in Law Firm Marketing: Deep understanding of the legal sector's digital landscape.
  • Customized Strategies: Tailored solutions for SEO, social media, and web design.
  • HubSpot Solutions Provider: Integrated marketing tools for comprehensive campaigns.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Leveraging analytics for informed marketing decisions.
  • Dedicated Support: Our team is committed to your firm’s success.
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